The Minister for the Interior, Hon. Prosper Douglas Bani has launched the “FIRE WATCH”, a Half Yearly magazine for the Ghana National Fire Service at the Fire Academy and Training School at James-Town in Accra. Hon. Bani was full of praise for the Transformational Leadership of the Service under the leadership of Dr. Albert Brown Gaisie which has led to the repairs and putting in commission over Eighteen (18) Fire Tenders, which had been grounded and otherwise earmarked for auction, and have been used to open more Fire Stations. He said this has gone a long way to save cost for the Nation as foreign exchange would have been used to import new Fire Tenders for the Service. The Interior Minister said, two months earlier he had been at a similar function of the Service to Commission a Medical Centre meant to provide medical services for Officers and Men of the Service in Accra, Tema, Headquarters, and Fire Academy and Training School. This, he said, is very laudable. Outdooring the “Fire Watch”, Hon Bani asked the Editorial Board to embrace the tenets of good writing so as to give its readers the best. He asked the Service to find ways of sustaining the Magazine so that it will be a regular feature on the Service’s calendar to ensure adequate internal dissemination of information Dr. Albert Brown Gaisie, the Chief Fire Officer, said the “Fire Watch” has come to replace the “Fire Alert” a Quarterly Magazine which was not regular and narrow in scope in terms of information that it carried. He said the “Watch” was National in character, wide in scope in terms of information, and more appealing, and added that it will serve as a two way channel of information flow from Command to personnel and vice versa. The Chief Fire Officer expressed concern about the recent spate of trapping and burn to death of individuals and families in their homes, stressing that people should not only be concerned with their security, but to balance their safety with security. He advised the citizenry to ensure that there is always an emergency exit to escape from their homes should there be any fire outbreak.